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I grew up witnessing the special way my teacher Carol spoke about Dr. Suzuki. After his passing she pinned up postcards his wife Waltraud sent her in the teaching studio, and I remember feeling a sense of wonder reading them every chance I could. I felt so small and part of something so big. Hearing echoes of his spirit in her words--loving, playful, and somehow delighted by the nature of discipline--I knew it was the good stuff. She would laugh, "Dr. Suzuki always said, you only need to practice on the days you eat!" That was all before I knew how many millions of children worldwide were learning to play the violin the same way I was, inspired by his unique vision and ability to see and hear other people in the deepest sense. The Suzuki Method is rooted in the idea that every child can learn, provided the belief that they possess every talent necessary from birth to succeed.

"The heart that feels music will feel humanity."

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