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"Jess knows her craft well and guides students with wide ranges of experience and unique interests to become accomplished musicians--

I’ve witnessed countless moments when the warmth of her teaching approach allowed students of all ages to grow past what they may have thought possible."

-Jason McInnes, colleague/mentor

"Jess is inspiring and realistic, patient and clear, kind and firm. We are grateful to have her as a teacher and role model for our daughter."

-Martha Mulligan-Tabora, parent

"Jess is an incredible musician and violinist; her life is full with writing, collaborating, playing, and performance that feed the artistic soul of Chicago.

Both teaching and artistry are equally important for Jess. She manages to elegantly weave together the two – allowing one to inspire the other."

-Erin Kathleen Flynn, Former supervisor/mentor

"Jess is always the pinnacle of professionalism and is among the most genuine and nurturing people I count as both colleague and friend."

-Ausberto Acevedo, parent/colleague/mentor

"My teenage daughter has been taking violin

lessons with Jess for over a year now and she just loves it! Jess inspires my daughter through thoughtful lesson planning, creativity, and kindness. In my daughter's words, 'Jess makes learning the violin fun!'"

-Kim Rice, parent

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